Amazing Artwork That Inspired My World

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The images below were some of my inspirations for writing. Although most of my stories are inspired by me reading or watching something fantastic, sometimes I see an image and get the urge to sit down and write.


Armored Character, Seven. Published story. New Author. Inspired
This incredible image was drawn by the unfathomably talented Xia Gordon.

“Eleven,” was one of the main protagonists in my book, “Darkly.” Unfortunately, “Stranger Things” came out before I could publish my book. As a result, I have now called my character “Seven” in the new book to avoid any confusion or accusations of copying another fantastic story.

Seven is a badass super-soldier engineered for killing. She is one of the numbered agents in the world of Entrapment. Seven(Eleven?) was bred to perfectly execute any desired order given by her employer, Jones Computing and Networking.

I tried to deviate from the “typical” tropes of advanced soldiers in my story. Hopefully my other sci-fi fan brethren agree. I tend to take typical concepts used ad-nauseam and put my own personal spin on them. Hope y’all like it!

Howey Mansion

Inspired, Howey Mansion, Entrapment
(Temporary artwork used above–waiting on permission from site owner)

This is the Howey Mansion. The mansion isn’t exactly concept art, but it’s what inspired The Arbor in Entrapment. When I began writing my story, I used this building as a reference. When all the artwork is up, you will be able to note the massive spiral staircase just inside the lobby. The apricot coloring was translated as best as I could directly into the text.

Entrapment takes place in a mansion much like this, but buried under almost a mile and a half of Martian ice. If the idea sounds fantastical, give it a read to see why Entrapment is my favorite thing I’ve ever written.

The Howey Mansion is a fascinating read from before the property was refurbished. As soon as I get permission from the site owner, I plan to re-blog that gallery here as well. I hope you enjoy reading Entrapment when it releases. Pre-order it here!


Inspired, Drakesport, Entrapment
Image is by Sandra at DeviantArt, but her account has since been deleted 🙁

This beautiful image was a source of inspiration for “Drakesport.” My first story was a bit of a mess, but holds a special place in my heart nonetheless.

Although the image was of a nymph, I remember thinking her arms were on fire at first glance. I’m not saying the inspiration makes sense, but it is what it is. I think at some point she was able to summon a phoenix in my story, inspired by that bird. I was young, and dumb, and my writing was bad, but it sparked something within me. Drakesport was a cutesy, trope-infested, mess, but in re-reading I see glimmers of what I would grow into. Furthermore, I see the growth I’ve made along the way.

Ex Machina (okay, technically I was inspired by the movie)

Inspired, Ex Machina
(Ex Machina–2014, copyright Universal Pictures)

“Ex Machina” is an incredible piece of work that inspired me right on the spot to write “Containment.” My story focuses more on the alien aspect of first contact, but I was positively blown away by this film. At time of writing, “Ex Machina” is on Netflix.

I’ll be putting up more artwork soon. Thanks for stopping by!