Peace Keeper: A Futuristic Military Rescue Mission

A frantic tale of escape by any means necessary, “Peace Keeper” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dr. William Rutger has been called on by the Prime Minister himself to rescue a medically fragile patient during the Third World War. Through a series of mysterious and unexpected events, the good doctor begins to uncover the reason for their retrieval from enemy territory. Can Doctor Rutger successfully save the Fisher family and the state secrets they are smuggling? Read “Peace Keeper” and find out.


He was cut off by an awful groaning noise. Much like a foghorn on an ocean vessel, it was followed by four rapid clangs of metal onto something hard like pavement. William’s gut instincts flared up like a fighter jet’s thrusters moments before takeoff.

rubble in war
The doctor almost slung Mieke’s father behind a waste container as he slid into cover. Rutger covered his head as a high whine filled the air. After the advent of fusion and quantum capacitation technology, the amount of power that could be stored and released at one time skyrocketed almost exponentially. As a result, hideously powerful magnetic rail guns dotted the battlefield as simplistic, but devastatingly effective, weapons. The signature trill was sharp and preceded what sounded like a thunderclap.
Large walker robot
William kept his head down as the slug shot through three separate buildings, tugging a wake of debris behind it. The sound was unbearably loud as the projectile shattered entire floors of the already damaged cityscape. Mieke’s mother screamed and struggled to remain strong. Even her father jolted at the sound which seemed to echo on in reverie for several seconds after the blast.
As though called out by his words, a second shot tore through the building from which the screaming seemed to be originating. It ripped upward through the first floor and flew in an invisible line down the alley. The shot impacted the building directly in front of where William and the others had taken cover and seemed to distort the air as they saw the crash before they heard the shockwave. The stalwart William Rutger fell back at the impact, as did everyone crouched over his shoulder.

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