Unnatural Selection: A Technological Thriller

An intense thrill-ride in the tradition of Alien, with heart-stopping moments of sheer terror, Unnatural Selection is a twisted tale of life and death in the cold vacuum of outer space.

When Paul Freeman’s ex-girlfriend sends him an SOS from her bio-mechanical research station off Saturn, he doesn’t hesitate to answer the call. After all, things ended amicably between the two of them, and Lena is working with a group of their mutual friends. Once he boards the station—which is called Gratitude—Paul learns that Lena’s team has discovered intelligent life in the solar system. This new-to-humans life form is completely contained, and it doesn’t appear to be hostile.



Paul. Thank God you’re here,” Beth sighed. “This is bad.” “I know, Beth. I’m gonna do what I can. Are we looking at any structural breaches? When you say ‘broke containment,’ what exactly happened?” “Structural. Well, it depends on your definition.” Beth moved in front of a monitor and dragged up an archived feed marked five days ago. “You can see here, the creature just decided to move out of the enclosure. It did something we had no idea it could do.”
“Alice, we simply must catch up before I go. Care to pop over to the snacks? I’m a bit peckish, and I can smell the cake from here,” Rose finished, bouncing on the arches of her feet and rocking slightly.
The frame was centered on a container filled with a dull silver-metallic goo. It looked like a pool of mercury, but with tiny flagellum-like appendages sticking out from every side. The proto-feelers probed every corner of the enclosure, relatively harmlessly. As we continued to watch, it finally began to rise from the pool. All at once, it rushed toward the top left corner of the rectangular polycarbonate holding container. Danny gasped behind me as a crack formed in the Plexiglass-like material.
The arm’s metallic appearance became more and more reflective until it began to harden. It forced the the shimmering tentacle against the opposite corner, and the entirety of the organism shifted against gravity to gather in the top of the container. In a single swift motion, the arm burst through the bottom left corner and bright red lights began to flash within the lab.

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