Published? One Giant Leap for Greg Prado

Getting Published: Every Author’s Dream

Even writing this post, I’m in incredulous as to whether or not my books’ futures will be bright or dim. Like most authors, I was sure my first book was going to be a masterpiece read by all and published by the first distributor I sent it to. I knew my ideas were good. I was positive everyone else would love them as well.

They didn’t.

“Drakesport,” my first novel, centered around a witch who was executed at the Salem Witch Trials. She was doomed to reincarnate as a pyromancer every hundred years on the anniversary of her death. I wanted my book to be published so badly, but “Drakesport” was far from complete. My story-lines were cheesy. My grammar was atrocious. The plot was predictable. Drakesport, most egregiously of all, had no real ending. I planned to get a series published. It was incapable of standing on its own. As a result, my book had several scenes which I find delightful to look back on. Unfortunately they were glimmers of shiny gold buried in a mountain of shit.

Darkly: To Print or Not To Print?

Six years ago I decided that I would self-publish. I wrote a new novel, one very close to my heart, and called it “Darkly.” This was going to be the novel to get published. I was sure of it. Darkly was about a cataclysmic event overshadowing the globe in an impenetrable fog of nano-machines. Of course, none of the characters knew that. Likewise, the reader would remain oblivious until the second book. You see, I wrote Darkly as part of a series too. I hadn’t learned my lesson.

With excellent character dynamics, and a few phenomenal story lines, I was once again lost. Darkly was a beautiful mess. My story had dozens of loose ends at its conclusion. I didn’t want to abandon it. I loved my characters. They were a part of me. I felt beyond stuck. I was morose in the doldrums of writer’s block.

Then, I gave up on writing, for a time.

The Titanite Universe

Two summers ago, I had an idea. I planned to write a short-story centered around an “Alien” like concept. That short story turned into the first book I wrote last summer, “Unnatural Selection.” I truly enjoyed the process. It reminded me about how much I adored writing. It was at that point I realized I wanted to keep going.

Then, I kept writing and made something I feel is truly exceptional. Entrapment is my baby. I love it deeply and truly. Stick with me for a few months, and I think you’ll see why. I will be publishing some snippets from it in the coming months, so stay tuned! I will say this: Entrapment is a murder/mystery set in the twenty-second century and set in a mansion buried under Martian ice. Ironically, Entrapment is my least sci-fi book. Even if “Star Wars” isn’t your thing, I think you’ll enjoy my book.

I am releasing three books within a month of each other. The first to debut will be my baby: Entrapment. I will then release Unnatural Selection, followed by my newest novel: The Andromeda Paradox. All these books, and all my other books, will take place in the same universe (for the foreseeable future). I plan to jump around the timeline in order to tell a much larger story. I’m building the web of interconnected stories now. I designed my books to be approachable and understandable. You may have to suspend disbelief about some concepts, but I am trying my damnedest to make sure my characters follow the rules established in their universe. 


I am certainly verbose. Here’s to a grand experiment. For better or for worse, I am a published author. I am in denial of the amount of work that lay ahead, but am excited to undertake it. Please join me in celebrating the end of a long journey telling tales to my shadow and my cats.

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